A Socially Responsible Vision

The Eco-Connect Bottle® System is a simple, patented eco-innovation designed to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our planet's landfills and waterways by re-using any brand’s empty, single-serve water bottles.

The System connects the bottles to each other via a specialized, proprietary recess in the bottle base and a variety of functional connector pieces. Since the exclusive, connecting recess is molded into the bottle base, your brand’s bottles will always retain their recognizable, familiar shape.

The benefits of these simple connections make possible a multitude of re-uses that will forever change the way the world thinks about and uses empty water bottles. This value added packaging will differentiate, and add value to, any water brand.

Consider The Possibilities:

  • As an alternative to ending up in landfills and waterways, your brand’s empty water bottles can be re-used over and over again to build useful household items, or as an inventive building toy that will stimulate the imaginations of children everywhere. The fun, useful and functional Eco-Connect Bottle® constructions have universal appeal and are capable of benefiting any family, regardless of economic status. The creative possibilities are limitless, and new, imaginative uses for the Eco-Connect Bottle® System will generate invaluable, positive social media buzz.

  • Single-serve empty bottles that feature the Eco-Connect Bottle® can also be stacked up and turned into sheets of building insulation. This re-use would be extremely valuable to third world nations, and to countries recovering from natural disasters. Much more productive, for example, than the countless water bottles donated to help the people of Haiti that now clog its landfills and litter its streets.

  • The Eco-Connect Bottle® System supports the goals of the Circular Economy and is consistent with Extended Producer Responsibility. Plus, the Eco-Connect Bottle® System packaging, POS, communications and promotional events will aggressively support recycling and expand overall sustainability awareness.

  • In the United States some 30 BILLION empty water bottles end up in landfills each year. If the Eco-Connect Bottle® System keeps just 1% of those bottles out of landfills through secondary use, that’s 300 million fewer bottles littering our environment.

"When I see something that will positively affect the industry in a timely manner, I tend to get excited about it. (This) product will benefit many!"
- Thomas Bachmann, Associate Publisher, Beverage Industry Magazine


A New Twist on Sustainability

How the Eco-Connect Bottle® System Works

Patented Eco-Connect Bottle® System technology features a specialized, proprietary recess that can be molded into the bottle base of any new or established brand without affecting its recognizable package design.

Long story short

  • To connect the bottles, you can simply push a capped bottle into the recessed base of another bottle.

  • An alternate way to connect the bottles is to push an unattached bottle cap into the base recess of another bottle. The cap locks into place and the threads inside the cap enable the base to receive an uncapped bottle or a threaded connector piece.

  • Add angled and/or functional connectors (wheels, motors, etc.) to create an endless variety of fun toys and useful objects.

How Your Profits Will Increase as the System Grows

Various angled connectors, wheels, motors, remote controls, lights and decorative stickers, as well as themed building kits for holidays, licensed properties, etc. – will inspire usage.

  • The connector pieces will be available online with free 2-day shipping, and will be manufactured in the United States.

  • For partners with affiliated brands, connector pieces could be earned with points by purchasing related brands. This will drive the sales of related brands as well as build customer loyalty and volume across your entire product line.

  • A percentage of online connector purchases will be shared with participating water brands to create an additional profit center. A percentage of connector piece purchases will also be donated to water conservation programs.


Sidel, with 30,000 machines installed in more than 190 countries, will be the exclusive manufacturer of all single-serve water bottles featuring our proprietary recess. Since only the base needs to be modified, they can inexpensively upgrade most machines they have produced in the last 10 years to mold the specialized Eco-Connect Bottle® base in most brand’s current single-serve water bottles.

Disaster Relief

How It Will Help People in Need

Companies that donate clean drinking water featuring the Eco-Connect Bottle® System to areas ravaged by natural or other disasters will be doing even more to help the local populations…without littering their environment.

  • Donated Eco-Connect Bottles® will carry needed clean bottled water to the parched population.

  • Empty water bottles, incorporating the proprietary connecting base, can be re-used to construct simple furniture, and to help rebuild the nation as low-cost building insulation.

  • The empty bottles can also be re-used to build uplifting, creative toys and soccer goals…bringing smiles and happiness to the needy children.

"There is nothing more rewarding in life than helping people and making a positive impact on the world."
- Steven Klein, Eco-Connect Bottle® System Inventor / President, KleinCepts

A Brand Builder

We've got some skills

The Eco-Connect Bottle® System will differentiate any participating brand as a sustainability pioneer. It will create a reason to purchase your brand, build brand loyalty, increase brand and affiliated brand sales, help humanity and generate lots of positive PR and social media buzz! Rather than ending up in landfills or waterways, your labeled empty bottles will begin a new sustainable journey as the worldwide ambassadors for your brand.

(U.S. Patent Nos. 7,644,828; D602,361)
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Disaster relief
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